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Learn Ubuntu Linux Basics and Fundamentals for Newbie Ubuntu Users!!

What does this course teach you?

Ubuntu Linux Course Overview
Ubuntu Linux Course Overview
Background & Introduction
Section Overview What is Ubuntu? Operating System Ubuntu History Ubuntu Pros and Cons Background & Introduction Section Quiz
Ubuntu Installation
Section Overview Ubuntu Try Virtualbox Intro Virtualbox Installation Creating A New Virtual Machine Ubuntu Installation Installing software on Ubuntu Intro Installing software on Ubuntu Via Terminal Uninstalling Ubuntu software via terminal Installing Software on Ubuntu Graphically Uninstalling Ubuntu software using Ubuntu Software Center Installing and uninstalling software on Ubuntu using Debian pkg Ubuntu Installation Section Quiz
Section Overview Logging in, activating ui and logging out Absolute Basics Using Special Key for the Shell Getting Help The man pages The --help option Graphical help Quick Start Section Quiz
About Files and the File System
Section Overview General 0verview of the Ubuntu File System Orientation in the file system Manipulating files The touch command Creating Files and Directories Moving Files and Directories Copying Files and Directories Removing Files and Directories Finding Files and Paths Linking Files Creating Symbolic Links About Files and the File System Section Quiz
Section Overview What is a process? Multi-user and Multi-tasking Interactive Processes Automatic Processes Daemons Linux Pipes The grep command The sort command Filter Process Attributes Displaying Process Information Process Creation Ending Processes Signals Shutdown Managing Processes Managing Process "Priority & Niceness" Managing Process "CPU Resources" Managing Process "Memory Resources" Tuning System Performance Network Problems Disk IO Problems Users Graphical Tools Interrupting Processes Scheduling Processes The sleep command The at command Processes Section Quiz
Linux Input & Output Redirection
Section Overview Linux Regular Expressions Simple Redirections Advanced Redirection filters
Text Editors
Section Overview Text Editors The Easy Way of Learning the Popular Vim Editor Text Editors Section Quiz
Ubuntu Virtual Terminals
Section Overview Ubuntu Virtual Terminals Starting Virtual Terminals and Navigating through them Virtual Terminal Shortcuts Ubuntu Virtual Terminals Section Quiz
Ubuntu Linux Communication Utilities
Ubuntu Linux Communication Utilities Section Overview The Ping Command The ftp Command The telnet Command The ssh Command
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