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Power Query

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Gather, Cleanse & Transform Your Data

What does this course teach you?

Getting Started With Power Query
1.1 Introduction to Power Query 1.2 Getting Familiar with the Power Query Editor 1.3 First Data Clean Up for a Pivot Table 1.4 Tweaking our Query Until the Data is Correct 1.5 Rounding Data 1.6 Altering Data Types 1.7 Filtering Out Data Before We Load It 1.8 Advanced Calculated Columns 1.9 Grouping Columns 1.10 Using Columns From Examples
Transpose, Pivot and Un-Pivot
2.1 Introduction to Transpose, Pivot and Un-Pivot 2.2 Pre-preparing Messy Data 2.3 Appropriating Our Data with Transpose 2.4 Un-Pivoting Data 2.5 Pivoting Data 2.6 Creating a Pivot Chart
Combining Data From Two or More Data Sets
3.1 Appending Data 3.2 Introduction to Merging Data 3.3 Left Outer Join 3.4 Right Outer Join 3.5 Full Outer Join 3.6 Inner Join 3.7 Left Anti Join 3.8 Right Anti Join 3.9 More Appending with Bigger Data Sets 3.10 Going Deeper with Merging Data
Duplication and Parameters
4.1 Duplicating Queries 4.2 Speeding Up Query Editing with Duplication 4.3 Filtering Duplicated Queries 4.4 Working with References 4.5 Parameters
Steps, Groups and Dependencies
5.1 Functions 5.2 Dealing with Errors 5.3 Steps Part 1: Troubleshooting Queries 5.4 Steps Part 2 5.5 Queries and Groups 5.6 Advanced Query Editor 5.7 Query Refresh 5.8 Dependencies 5.9 Revisiting Combining Queries
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