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Master the worlds most popular programming language with extra course on sql and database connectivity in no time.

What does this course teach you?

History of java Introduction JVM,JDK and JRE Java basic program and how to create new project and new class Java Data Types And Camel Case Conventions Data types examples
Module 1
Type Casting Type casting example Java Operators Java If...Else Java Switch Java Loops Java Arrays How to take input from users Examples for practice.
Module 2
Class/Method in java Java method Parameters Method Overloading Java OOP Java Constructors Examples
Module 4
Java Modifiers Java Encapsulation Java Packages Java Inheritance Java Polymorphism
Module 5
Java Inner class Java Abstraction Java Interface
SQL basics SQL Tables SQL Theory (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TO READ ALL AND PRACTICE ALL THE TYPES ONCE.) How to add sql to java database connectivity.
Login Page Creation.
Android Applications
Android Studio Basics First Application using java.


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Java Programming for Complete Stranger in Tamil

Learn Java Programming with lot of examples. For Java Beginners! Let's learn OOP's
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