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Visual C# From Nothing to Everything

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The most detailed C# coding tutorial using Visual Studio Community. Learn from scratch and be the master.

What does this course teach you?

‎1. Introduction‎
‎1.1 Introduction‎ ‎1.2 Microsoft’s .NET ‎1.3 .NET Framework‎ ‎1.4 Visual Studio IDE ‎ Introduction Quiz
2. Introduction to Visual Studio and Visual Programming
‎2.1 Introduction‎ ‎2.2 Download & install Visual Studio Community IDE ‎2.3 Visual Studio Theme ‎2.4 Creating a New Project ‎2.5 Forms and Controls ‎2.6 Menu Bar and Toolbar ‎2.7 Navigating the Visual Studio IDE ‎2.8 Solution Explorer & Toolbox ‎2.9 Properties Window ‎2.10 Creating a Simple App 1‎ ‎2.11 Creating a Simple App 2‎ ‎2.12 Creating a Simple App 3‎ Introduction to C# App Programming quiz
3. Introduction to C# App Programming
‎3.1 Introduction‎ ‎3.2 Creating the Console App ‎3.3 Class Declaration & Main Method ‎3.4 Writing Code and Using IntelliSense ‎3.5 Changing the Name and Running the App ‎3.6 Error Messages & Comments‎ ‎3.7 Displaying a Single Line of Text with Multiple Statements ‎3.8 Displaying Multiple Lines of Text with a Single Statement ‎3.9 String Interpolation ‎3.10 Another C# App, Adding Integers ‎3.11 Arithmetic ‎3.12 Decision Making: Equality and Relational Operators Introduction to C# App Programming‎ Quiz
4. Introduction to Classes, Objects, Methods and Strings:
4.1 Introduction ‎4.2 Creating Visual C# Project with Two Classes ‎4.3 Account Class with an Instance Variable and Set and Get Methods‎ ‎4.4 Instantiating a New Object & Calling a Class Methods‎ ‎4.5 Account Class with a Property Rather Than Set and Get Methods ‎4.6 Constructors & Auto-Implemented Properties ‎4.7 Create Bank App with an Account and Balance Introduction to Classes, Objects, Methods and Strings Quiz
5. Control Statements: Part 1
5.1 Introduction ‎5.2 Control Structures‎ ‎5.4 Nested if-else Statements ‎5.3 if Statement & if-else statement ‎5.5 while Iteration Statement ‎5.6 Sentinel-Controlled Iteration ‎5.7 Nested Control Statements ‎5.8 Increment and Decrement Operators Control Statements: Part 1‎ Quiz Course Midle Exam
6. Control Statements: Part 2
6.1 Introduction ‎6.2 for Iteration Statement ‎6.3 App: Compound-Interest Calculations ‎6.4 do-while Iteration Statement ‎6.5 switch Multiple-Selection Statement ‎6.6 break and continue Statements ‎6.7 Logical Operators Control Statements: Part 2‎ Quiz
7. Methods: A Deeper Look
7.1 Introduction ‎7.2 static Methods, static Variables and Class Math ‎7.3 Methods with Multiple Parameters ‎7.4 Notes on Using Methods ‎7.5 Random-Number Generation ‎7.6 Random-Number Generation 6,000,0000 Times‎ ‎7.7 A Game of Chance; Introducing Enumerations ‎7.8 Scope of Declarations ‎7.9 Method-Call Stack and Activation Records ‎7.10 Method Overloading ‎7.11 Optional & Named Parameters. ‎7.12 Recursion ‎7.13 Passing Arguments By Value and By Reference Methods: A Deeper Look Quiz
8. Arrays
8.1 Introduction ‎8.2 Declaring and Creating Arrays ‎8.3 Examples Using Arrays, Part 1‎ ‎8.4 Examples Using Arrays, Part 2‎ ‎8.5 Intro to Exception Handling ‎8.6 Case Study: Card Shuffling and Dealing Simulation ‎8.7 Passing Arrays and Array Elements to Methods‎ ‎8.8 Case Study GradeBook Using an Array to Store Grades ‎8.9 Multidimensional Arrays‎ ‎8.10 Case Study, GradeBook Using a Rectangular Array ‎8.11 Variable-Length Argument Lists ‎8.12 Using Command-Line Arguments ‎8.13 Passing Arrays by Value and by Reference Arrays Quiz
9. Introduction to LINQ and the List Collection
9.1 Introduction ‎‎9.2 Querying an Array of int Values Using LINQ‎ ‎9.3 Querying an Array of Employee Objects Using LINQ‎ ‎9.4 Introduction to Collections‎ ‎9.5 Querying the Generic List Collection Using LINQ‎ Introduction to LINQ and the List Collection Quiz Course Final Exam
10. Classes and Objects, A Deeper Look
10.1 Introduction 10.2 Time Class Case Study; Throwing Exceptions 10.3 Controlling Access to Members 10.4 Referring to the Current Object’s Members with the this Reference 10.5 Time Class Case Study: Overloaded Constructors 10.6 Default and Parameterless Constructors 10.7 Composition 10.8 Garbage Collection and Destructors 10.9 static Class Members 10.10 readonly Instance Variables 10.11 Class View and Object Browser 10.12 Object Initializers 10.13 Operator Overloading; Introducing struct 10.14 Time Class Case Study Extension Methods
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