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Vintage Fridge: 3D Modelling a game asset - Complete Course

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Learn how to model, retopologise and texture a digital prop and present it within a scene

What does this course teach you?

P1: Maya - High poly modelling
Setting up our workspace Creating Initial measurements for our object Visualising created measurements Saving Project Creating main body of a fridge Creating a base shape for the front doors Adjusting shape using soft selection Adding overall detail to the front doors Filling in the door gap Creating a fridge handle Creating detail using a boolean functionality Smoothening out edge transitions for the base Reusing topology to create extra detail Creating additional 3D mesh for the hinges Attaching hinges to the main body of our prop Creating a text to write the decorative naming for the fridge Creating a decorative badge using subdivision techniques Adding radial symmetry detail to the badge Using deformer to manipulate text
P1: Maya - Mesh retopology
Creating low topology fridge body by reusing existing mesh Reforming and welding mesh to retopologise the fridge Optimising topology for the hinge area of our object Final mesh adjustments for low poly base of our vintage fridge Optimising front decoration of our mesh using polygon primitives Retopology of a handle Creating partial bevel of an edge Organising the outliner Creating soft edges for our mesh
P1: Maya - Unwrapping UVs
Setting up high poly mesh for color ID Continuing to create the color ID map UV editing basics and unwrapping the badge Creating UVs for handle and hinges Splitting main body into UV shells and adding extra vertices onto the mesh Editing mesh without impacting UVs Fixing UV distortions Laying out UV shells onto 0 to 1 UV space Creating a cage for the bake Exporting Maya files as fbx
P2: Substance Painter
Project set up Display settings Baking textures Creating base fridge material Creating metal material Texturing badge Applying a grunge texture Applying smart dirt material Creating rust for the metal Creating rust on painted material Fixing material seams Texture export
P2: Unreal Engine 4
Creating new project and basic engine's navigation Importing mesh and textures Creating PBR packed master material Building a scene Adding wood textures onto the scene Lighting the set up Motion camera set up Vintage post processing set up


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