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Video Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro Fundamentals

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This Adobe Premiere Pro course will teach you quick and efficient video editing.

What does this course teach you?

Introduction Video and Project Exercise Files Open a Premiere Pro Project Understand Adobe Premiere Pro Interface Customise Adobe Premiere Pro Workspace Understanding Premiere Pro Projects Assignement 1 - Getting Familiar with Adobe Premiere Pro Application
Getting Started
Create a New Premiere Pro Project Set Up Scratch Disks Take Care of Your AutoSave Import Videos Project Panel Overview Customise Bin Behaviour in Project Panel How Premiere Pro Manages Videos and Images Customise Your Project Panel Project Panel Knowledge Test
Let's Start Creating a Sequence
Organise Your Video Clips ready to be edited Create a New Sequence Add Video to Your Sequence Perform Your First Trim Using Source Monitor to Create In Points and Out Points In Points and Out Points New Sequence assignment In and Out points
Slideshows with Automate to Sequence
Prepare for Quick Slideshow Manual Slideshow and Mixed Resolutions Automatic Slideshow with Automate to Sequence Slideshow with Images with Automate to Sequence Slideshow assignment
Let's Start Editing
When Something Doesn't Work Gaps in Your Timeline Create Subclips Insert Edits and Overwrite Edits Timeline Tips and Tricks Spice up Your Video with Music Media Browser for Importing Video editing getting started
Video Editing Tools
The Power of JKLs Selection Tool Track Select Forward & Track Select Backward Tools Ripple Edit Tool Rolling Edit Tool Razor Tool Slip Tool Slide Tool How to Move Your Clips Anywhere You Want Video Editing Tools Mastery
Slow Motion and Fast Motion
Slow Motion / Fast Motion with Rate Stretch Tool Slow Motion using Speed/Duration Super Smooth Slow Motion Super Smooth Slow Motion
Titles and Lower Thirds
Add Title using Type tool Centre Your Title Add Animated Titles Add Animated Lower Thirds Text quiz Adding Text
Animations in Adobe Premiere Pro
Effect Controls panel Overview and Set Up Basics of Animations in Premiere Pro How to Manage Keyframes for Animations Creating an Animated Title Create a Cinematic Title Animation Animating Titles
Publishing Video
Quick Video Export Export Audio and Video Tips Export Options and Formats Explained What are Your Other Export Options? Exporting with Adobe Media Encoder Publishing to Social Media and Online Platforms Video Export Formats


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