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Unity & C# - Build A Complete 2D Mobile Platformer Game

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Learn How to Develop a Complete 2D Mobile Platformer Game in Unity C# From Start to Launch in Google Play Store

What does this course teach you?

The Essential Intro
Intro To Unity: Compelling Reasons Why Unity is Here to Stay Step by Step: Downloading and Installing Unity Launching Unity & Creating New Project End of Section Quiz
Building The Start Menu; The MUST DO Warmup For This Course
Import Assets For Section 2 Download Sprites And Learn About Spritesheets Working with the Sprite Editor Cool Trick For Generating Game Title Images Add The Background And Learn To Copy Component Values Designing For Multiple Resolutions and Devices Sorting Layers and Order In Layer Property Adding The Buttons Adding Animations To Button Clicks Using Custom Fonts Adding Player Image & Game Title Scripting in C# - Part 1 Scripting in C# - Part 2 Export the Start Menu as a Package CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD GAME ASSETS FOR THE ENTIRE PROJECT Create a new project and import game assets and the package created earlier End of Section Quiz
Level Design: Hard & Easy Way
Creating Prefabs: Ground Tile, Coin, Water Tile, Crates Manual Level Design - 1: Hard and Time Consuming Manual Level Design - 2 Level Designer: The Easy Way of Designing 2D Levels Level Designer: Paint Mode Level Designer: Customizing Prefabs Paint Mode: Practice Missions Level Designer: Collider Mode - 1 Level Designer: Collider Mode - 2 Collider Mode: Practice Missions Level Designer: Selection Mode Selection Mode: Practice Missions End of Section Quiz
Creating The Player Cat & Its Behaviors: Step By Step
Creating the Player Prefab With Idle Animation Creating Our First Script: PlayerCtrl Making the Player Move Making The Player Jump Flipping The Player Adding More Animations for the Player Setting Up The Animation Controller Configuring Cat's Animator Controller Controlling Animations via Scripting Single Jump Double Jump Player Sticks To The Wall Solution How To Disable Player Rotation Make the Camera Follow The Player Make The Player Fire Bullets Challenge Mission: Create the Player Dog From Scratch End of Section Quiz
Building Mobile Buttons and Controller
Create Mobile Buttons For Controlling Player Behavior Create A Mobile UI Controller Scripting The Left & Right Buttons Scripting The Jump and Fire Buttons End of Section Quiz
Level Design Deep Dive: Completing Level One
Six Useful Techniques For Designing Level One Level Design: Part 2 Level Design: Part 3 Level Design: Part 4 End of Section Quiz
Sixteen Game Mechanics You Should Know
Simple Coins Pickup SFX Controller: Professional Way To Show Particle Effects Sparkle Effect When Coins Are Collected Toggle SFX From Inspector Improving SFXCtrl Spinning Coins Effect Bullet Powerup Dust Particle Effect When Player Lands Breakable Crates - Basic Setup Breakable Crates - Scripting Game Controller: An Important Aspect Of Your Game Making a Garbage Collector Reloading Level When Player Dies Splash Effect When Player Falls in Water Dropping Platforms Moving Platforms Scrolling Background aka Parallax - Setup Scrolling Background aka Parallax - Scripting End of Section Quiz
Creating The Heads Up Display
Creating The Heads Up Display (HUD) Saving Data Using Custom Binary File Showing Number of Coins Collected Showing The Score Making Coins Fly to Coin Meter When Collected Updating The Level Keys Adding Countdown Timer Managing Gameplay Based On Player Lives End of Section Quiz
Player Fights Artificially Intelligent Enemies
Enemy 1: Green Monster Enemy AI: Linear Movement Player Dies on Enemy Collision Shooting the Enemies Player Jumps on Enemy Head Enemy AI: Basic Patrolling Enemy 2: Patrolling Spider Importing DoTween For Easy Animations Enemy 3: Bomber Bees Enemy 4: Jumping Fish End of Section Quiz
Adding Sound and Music
Setting Up The Audio Controller Player Sound Effects - 1 Player Sound Effects - 2 Background Music End of Section Quiz


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