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Ultimate Kubernetes Fast-Track Beginner to Advanced

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Fact: Kubernetes Is The Most In-Demand Skill Of 2019 In The IT Industry.

What does this course teach you?

Introduction Before we begin...
Kubernetes 101
Kubernetes Concepts Masterclass
Setting Up Your Environment
Text Editor Links and Plugins Minikube Links EXTRA: Kubernetes Anywhere Links Code For the Course
YAML 101
The Basics YAML Challenge Code For the Challenge Challenge Walkthrough
Kubernetes Basics
Pods Understanding the YAML Deploying Your Pod ReplicaSets Deployments Deployment Challenge Challenge Solution
Beyond Basics
Multi-Container Setup Init Containers Liveness and Readiness Probes
Services 101 Ingress with Minikube How Ingresses Work LoadBalancers Pod to Pod Communication Namespaces Challenge 3 Challenge 3 Solution
Easy Storage for Pods Persistent Volumes vs Persistent Volume Claims (Theory) Storage Classes Static vs Dynamic Storage Classes Persistent Volume (PV) Persistent Volume Claim (PVC) More Details on Storage Storage Deployment ConfigMaps Challenge 4 Challenge 4 Solution Challenge 5 Challenge 5 Solution
Useful Commands
Getting into a Container Getting Logs Getting More Details Trick For Creating YAML Files Making Changes on the Fly See CPU and Memory Usage Accessing the Dashboard
Introduction Pre-Deployment Deploying Your Infrastructure Kubernetes Contexts Deploying Pods to Your Infrastructure Maintenance Mode Pod Affinity Taints and Tolerations - Deploy Pods to Specific Nodes Increase and Decrease the Number of Nodes Infrastructure Teardown Introduction to the Tool Changing the Industry


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Azure Kubernetes Service - AKS

Zero to Hero admin guide
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