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Typography & Social Media Using Adobe Illustrator CC 2020

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For Basic and Intermediate Users

What does this course teach you?

User Interface
Alignment Tool Anchor Points Art boards Blend Tool Clipping Mask Tool Eraser, Scissors and Knife tool Eye Dropper Feather Filters Gradients Gradient Mesh Hand and Print Tiling Lasso Tool Warp Tool Zoom Tool Join and Pencil Tool Layers Panel Magic Wand Tool Measure Tool Offset Tool Opacity Tool Paint and Blob Brush Tool Paragraph Tool Pathfinder Tool Pen and Curvature Tool Pencil Tool Puppet Warp and Free Transform Reshape Tool Rotate amd Reflect Tool Rulers Tool Scale and Shear Tool Shape Builder Tool Shape Tool Slice and slice selection Tool Symbol Sprayer Tool Subtypes of line Subtypes of text
Colour Theory
Introduction Psychology of colours Colour Wheel
Social Media post
What is Graphic Design "Tips for creating graphics for social media" Images Composition Advertising on social media
6 golden rules Types of Fonts 3D Effect Lettering Air Brush Lettering Blend lettering typography Cartoon typography Floral typography Folded typography Hand Lettering typography Hustle typography Isometric typography Line typography Liquid typography Long Shadow typography Loop typography Neon typography Retro typography Scratch Lines typography Shaded Effect typography Sliced typography Slime Effect typography Speed Line Effect typography Stroke Brush typography Stylish Gradient typography Water Colour typography Practice Test


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