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Python for Beginners 2020: The Hands-on Concise Crash Course

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Learn Python Programming for Machine Learning, Data Science, Web Development and more with Real World Projects

What does this course teach you?

Introduction Starter Code Installing Python 3 and IDE Installation and Setup of PyCharm
Starting Fundamentals
Let's Start Coding! How Python Code Gets Executed? Print Function & Escape Sequence
Variables & If Statements
Section Introduction: Variables & If Statements Variables Variable Data Types Receiving Input Type Conversion Exercise Type Conversion Exercise Type Conversion Solution Strings String Concatenation and Formatting String Methods Arithmetic Operators Operator Precedence Math Functions If Statements Exercise If Statements Exercise If Statements Solution Comparison Operators Boolean Logic Logical Operators Comments Exercise Weight Converter Program Exercise Weight Converter Program Solution Lists 2D Lists List Methods Tuples Unpacking Dictionaries Dictionaries Exercise Exercise Dictionaries Solution Emoji Converter Program Variables & If Statements Light Moments
Section Introduction: Loops While Loops For Loops Nested Loops Exercise Nested Loops Exercise Nested Loops Solution Exercise Hangman Game Exercise Hangman Game Solution Exercise Car Game Exercise Car Game Solution Exercise Car Game Solution Bonus Loops
Section Introduction: Functions Functions Parameters Keyword Arguments The Return Statement Exercise Creating a Reusable Function Exercise Creating a Reusable Function Solution Handling Errors Functions Inspirational Moments
Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)
Section Introduction: Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) What is Object-Oriented Programming? Classes Constructors Exercise Constructors Exercise Constructors Solution Exercise Constructors Solution Bonus Magic / Dunder Methods Inheritance Polymorphism Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)
Modules & Packages
Section Introduction: Modules & Packages Modules Exercise Modules Exercise Modules Solution Packages Libraries Working with Directories PyPi and Pip Modules & Packages Light Moments
Project 1: Automation for Excel Spreadsheets
Project 1 Introduction Installing Openpyxl Basics of Openpyxl Getting the Subjects Calculating the Totals Calculating the Percentages
Project 2: Data Visualization with Matplotlib
Installing Matplotlib Creating Line Charts Decorating Charts Creating Bar Charts Creating Pie Charts Customizing Pie Charts
Project 3: Password Generator App
Project 3 Introduction Defining Characters Part 1 Defining Characters Part 2 Generating Password Project 3 Exercise Project 3 Exercise Solution


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Python Programming Beyond The Basics & Intermediate Training

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Python orientación a objetos - Gratis - 2020

En este curso aprenderás la programación orientada a objetos en Python
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Complete Python Challenges, Python MCQ& Python Recap in 2020

Python 3 MCQ questions & Python Exercises & Python Examples to be a Python job ready for upcoming Python interview.
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