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The Complete Python Course: Go From Beginner To Advanced!

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In this complete course students will learn Python which is an easy and fun programming language.

What does this course teach you?

Module 1 - Introduction and Course Agenda
Welcome To The Complete Python Course! Learn What This Course Can Do For You! Introduction and Course Agenda Why Program?
Module 2 - Basics Of Python
Download PyCharm 2020 Your First Python Hello World Program Versions of Python - Download Downloading Python Python Interpreter And Idle Nuts And Bolts Of A Sample Program Python Strings Getting Input Reading And Writing Files - Part 1 Reading And Writing Files - Part 2 Python Expressions
Module 3 - Integer Arithmetic
Creating Your First Program - Part 1 Creating Your First Program - Part 2 Placing Comments In Code Introduction To Strings - Part 1 Introduction To Strings - Part 2
Module 4 - Functions And Variables
What Are Functions? Print Function Escape Codes Input Function
Module 5 - Function Definition
Global Variables Concept Of Dictionaries Concepts Of Lists What Are Tuples? Introduction To Loops - Part 1 Introduction To Loops - Part 2
Module 6 - Graphics & Conditionals
Working With Graphics Conditional Execution IF Statement Additional IF Statements The While Loop
Module 7 - Projects
Project A Project B Conclusion
PYTHON ADVANCED - Module 1- Introduction
Introduction and Course Agenda Python Refresher
Module 2 - Data Structures
Advanced Lists List Comprehension Sets and Dictionaries Looping Techniques Modules Packages Time Functionality
Module 3 - Writing GUI In Python
GUI Introduction Creating TK Widget Creating Buttons and Labels Canvas Widget Message Widget Radio Buttons Data Entry Widget Oval Objects


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Learn! Python from scratch - Basics to Advanced

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Python 3: From ZERO to GUI programming

Start your journey with Python 3 without any prior knowledge and be operational right away!
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