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The Complete Introduction to SQL for Data Analytics

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Learn SQL from scratch for extracting, manipulating and analysing data using MySQL database

What does this course teach you?

Course Overview
Welcome to the Course What are SQL and MySQL?
MySQL Installation
Downloading and Installing MySQL Workbench
Basic SQL Queries
Create Table and Insert Data MySQL Data Types SELECT (DISTINCT) Statement WHERE Clause SQL Operators: AND, OR, NOT, IN, BETWEEN LIKE Operator INSERT INTO and DELETE FROM Statements UPDATE SET Statement ORDER BY Statement
Intermediate Statements and Functions
Aggregate Functions MySQL Functions with Descriptions SQL Subqueries GROUP BY Statement HAVING Statement SQL JOINS (INNER, LEFT, RIGHT, FULL) CASE Statement
Advanced Tips and Tricks
SQL Query - Best Practices Comments in SQL Export and Import Data Stored Procedures
Practical Exercises
SQL Questions with Solutions (Part 1) SQL Questions with Solutions (Part 2)
Test Yourself
Final Quiz
Wrapping Up
Conclusion Next Steps


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