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The Complete Camtasia Course for Content Creators: Start Now

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Learn How to Edit Videos in Camtasia Studio Software With Ease. From No Video Editing Experience to PRO.

What does this course teach you?

Introduction - Start Here
Introduction - Hi! I'll be your instructor :) Overview of the Camtasia Software How to Purchase and Install the Camtasia Software
The Basics
How To Get Footage Off Of Your Camera How To Add Media Assets In Library Bin How To Record Yourself and Your Computer Screen At The Same Time How To Record Webcam Only How To Record Audio Only Without Video How To Add Text and Play Around With the Features How To Use Audio Effects How To Add And Install New Fonts How To Use The Zoom In and Out How To Use Behaviors Feature How To Add Music To Your Videos How To Use Cursor Effects Feature How To Add Subtitles How To Use The Color Correction Feature How To Make a Slow Motion / Sped Up Video How To Make a Slow Motion / Sped Up Video (Advanced Techniques) How To Use Green Screen Feature How To Use Sound Effects How To Animate Shapes How To Flip Video Or Images: Creating Mirror Effect How To Fade From Color to Black And White How To Make Video Clips, Pictures and Text Transparent How To Use The Color Themes Feature How To Use Markers How To Add a Watermark How To Do Text Overlay Effect How To Do Jumpcut Editing How To Save, Render and Publish Your Video Ripple and Ripple Split: Time Saving Tools
Creative Techniques Effects
How To Use The Powerpoint Feature How To Add Pop Up Effect (Advanced Technique) How To Do a Flash Flicker Effect How To Do a Scrolling Text Effect How To Do Half Monochrome, Half Color Effect How To Do a Cool Neon Lights Effect How To Do Flashing Text / Strobe Light Effect How To Do a Vintage Camera / Flashing Record 90's Effect How To Do a Multiple Pop Up Effect With Text and Pictures How To Place Video Footage Inside Text How To Do A Scribble Effect / Animated Sketches How To Do An Old Film Effect / Grainy Retro Film Effect How To Create Cool Patterned Backgrounds How To Do a Comic Book Effect How To Clone Yourself Easily Effect How To Clone Yourself Into 2 People Effect (Advanced) How To Do a Video Collage Effect - Multiple Videos Playing At Once How To Do A Color Animation Effect How To Use Sketch Motion Effects Feature How To Do a Staggered 4 Window Video Effect How To Bring Out Emotion In Your Videos How To Make Videos for Instagram Pop Up Effect As A Unique Transition How To Fade Two Videos Into One How To Create Backwards Reverse Footage
Our Gear
Mobile Gear Setup How to Set Up a Green Screen
Editing Projects
How To Make An Intro For Your Videos Watch Me Edit A Video From Start To Finish How To Make a Lyric Video How To Edit a Music Video
Resource Links + Camtasia Troubleshooting
Where To Find Links and Resources (Resources Attached in this video) Off Sync Audio Issues: How To Fix Strange Black Flicker Issues: How To Fix Out Of Memory Issue: How To Fix Without Losing Your Original Recording


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