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The Complete Angular 5 Essentials Course For Beginners

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In our complete course students will learn all of the Angular 5 essentials from a complete beginner to advanced user!

What does this course teach you?

Getting Started With Our Beginners Guide To Angular 5! Introduction: Welcome To Our Angular Course For Beginners! Creating Your First Angular App using the Angular Cli A Look Around Your Angular Application What is the .ts file? Adding Outside CSS and JS libraries
Components and Property Binding
Section 2 Introduction Creating a Component Property Binding Event Binding Creating a Component Using the Angular Cli More Information On ng generate Two Way Binding Components and Property Binding
Section 3 Introduction What are Directives? Looping Through Items with the ngFor Directive Conditional Output Using ngIf Directive Styling with ngStyle Dynamic Class Names with ngClass ngSwitch the Angular Switch Statement Directives Practice
Services, Observables, and Http
Section 4 Introduction Working with Services Dependency Injection Working with Observables Working with Observables Part 2 The Subject Observable Http Request Using HttpClient
Movie Database Project
Section 5 Intro Setting Up The App Creating the Component Structure Creating the HTML/CSS for Our Components The Movie Interface for Typing The Input and Outputs The Movie Service and the Current Movie Connecting to the Movie Service Faking the Search with Observables Setting Up Your Movie Db Account Getting Search Results from the API Getting the Photo Paths from the API


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Complete Angular Course

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