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The Complete Android App Development Masterclass: Build Apps

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Create Real World Applications using Java and Become A Professional Android App Developer From Scratch Today!

What does this course teach you?

Introduction and Setup
Become A Professional Android App Developer Today! Welcome To Our Complete Android App Developer Course! Course Contents Setup the Environment Create Your First Application - Part 1 Create Your First Application - Part 2 Challenge
Java Core
Variables and Arithmetic Operators Relational and Logical Operators - Conditional Statements Loops Challenge (Create a Game) Simple Arrays Object Oriented Programming - Part 1 Object Oriented Programming - Part 2 Object Oriented Programming - Part 3 OOP Challenge Collections Static Keyword - Inner classes Interfaces and Abstract classes Concurrency - Exceptions Singleton Pattern Challenge - Part 1 Challenge - Part 2
User Interface
User Interface Basics - Part 1 User Interface Basics - Part 2 User Interface Basics - Part 3 Layouts Images ListView and Spinner Different XML Files - Part 1 Different XML Files - Part 2 Material Design Snackbar and CardView RecyclerView - Part 1 RecyclerView - Part 2 RecyclerView (Part 3) - Glide Fonts Challenge - Part 1 Challenge - Part 2
First Sample Application
Create App's First Page - Intents Create Books RecyclerView Expandable CardView Book Activity Create Utils Class Add Books to Different Lists Create a Delete Button Show Your Website in a WebView Animations - Up Button Persist Data with Shared Preferences and Gson Finish Rewriting Utils Class
Activities and Fragments
Activities Activity LifeCycle - Bundle - SaveInstanceState Send Messages - Capture Images - Permissions Handle Permissions Correctly Alarm Action - Calendar Fragments Callback Interfaces Challenge - Gym Application (Part 1) Challenge - Gym Application (Part 2) Challenge - Gym Application (Part 3) Challenge - Gym Application (Part 4)
Shortcuts and Debugging
Shortcuts in Android Studio Exceptions - Logging - Basic Debugging
Handling Background Tasks
Threading and AsyncTask Started Services Bound Services Job Scheduler Work Manager
Networking in Android
Create a News Reader Application - Part 1 Create a News Reader Application - Part 2 Create a News Reader Application - Part 3 Networking with Volley Retrofit Basics - Part 1 Retrofit Basics - Part 2 Create a RESTful API with Spring Framework
Second Sample Application
Section Introduction Create Navigation Drawer BottomNavigationView - Shared Preferences Sort Items in Main Fragment Grocery Item Activity Handle Rating Add Review - Finish GroceryItemActivity Search Activity Handle Categories First Cart Fragment Second and Third Cart's Fragments Upload Orders with Retrofit - Payment Result Track User's Behaviour Finalize the Application
Basic SQL Commands - Part 1 Basic SQL Commands - Part 2 Basic SQL Commands - Part 3 Basic SQL Commands - Part 4 Basic SQL Commands - Part 5 SQL Commands Challenge SQLiteOpenHelper - Cursors Cursors - More Database Operations SQLite Database Challenge Room Database (Part 1) Room Database (Part 2) Composition - Abstraction and Data Converters in Room Database Relationships in Room Database Room Database Challenge - Part 1 Room Database Challenge - Part 2


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