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The Art of Doing: Learn the Linux Command Line

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Master the Command Line and Fundamental Skills Needed to Begin Your Journey Into Ethical Hacking

What does this course teach you?

Virtual Box
Installing Virtual Box Installing Kali Linux Virtual Machine
Entering Terminal Commands: Getting to Know Your Computer
whoami, uname ifconfig, ip, and ping df, free, ps, top, kill
Navigating the Terminal
Changing Directories Important Directories and Looking at What They Contain Editing Files Within a Directory
Making and Manipulating Files
Making and Manipulating Files Making and Manipulating Directories Knowledge Check Challenge 1: Terminal Navigation and Manipulating Files
Searching Through Files
Piping and Redirection Searching With Grep Awk: Grabbing Only What You Want Knowledge Check Challenge 2: Piping, Grep, Awk, and Redirecting Output
Changing File Permissions and Executing Files
What Are Permissions Owner, Group, All Users Changing Permissions and Executing Files Adding to the Sudo Group Knowledge Check Challenge 3: File Permissions, Users, and Groups
Installing Software
The Advanced Packaging Tool APT Updating Our System and Installing Software Knowledge Check Challenge 4: Installing New Software and Learning How To Use It
Compressing and Extracting Files
Compressing Files With Gzip Creating Archives with Tar Knowledge Check Challenge 5: Compressing and Extracting Files
Basics of Bash Scripting
Writing Your First Script With Echo An Introduction to Expansion Parameter and Command Expansion Arithmetic Expansion and Getting User Input Tests and If Statements Looping With For Looping with While and Until Knowledge Check Challenge 6: Bash Scripting


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Linux in an hour

A quick and dirty crash course on Linux basics
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Linux BASH Shell Terminal Command Basics

Introduction to Linux BASH Shell Terminal Commands (Debian distributions)
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