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SEO Masterclass: Rank Your Website Higher with Better SEO

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Learn the exact steps to quickly increase your website ranking on Google with SEO (Search Engine Optimization)!

What does this course teach you?

SEO Intro Download the Course Workbook
Module 1 - Understanding SEO
SEO Essentials - Understanding SEO Step 1 - Find Your Keywords Step 2 - Site Age Step 3 - Active Content Step 4 - Load Times Step 5 - Social Shares & Engagement Step 6 - Post & Page Optimizations Step 7 - Homepage Optimization Step 8 - Generating Traffic Step 9 - Adding security and https Step 10 - Setup Analytics + Submit Your Sitemap Intro to Phil's Case Studies Case Study: Drive More Traffic to Your Old Content Case Study: Putting in Extra Effort to Create Shareable Content Case Study: Blog Post Optimizations for Better SEO
Module 2 - Location SEO - Google Maps & Google Business
Step 1 - Register Your Google Business Step 2 - Complete Your Google Business Profile Step 3 - Getting Google Reviews Step 4 - Maintaining Your Maps Ranking
Module 3 - Creating Content That Ranks
Step 1 - Create Your Content Roadmap Step 2 - Create Your Content! Step 3 - Optimize Content Step 4 - Ranking Secret Weapon - VIDEO Case Study - Phil Creates New Content that Ranks - Part 1 Case Study - Phil Creates New Content that Ranks - Part 2 Case Study - Creating Content that Ranks Part 3 Case Study - Creating Content that Ranks Part 4
Module 4 - Link Building Strategies
Step 1 - Building Backlinks Step 2 - Citation Backlinks Step 3 - Club & Membership Backlinks Step 4 - Publication Backlinks and How To Get Published! Step 5 - Forums & Comments Step 7 - Pinterest and Social Media Step 8 - Be Someone's Success Story Step 9 - The MOST Important SEO Strategy!


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SEO Tricks and Hacks: Making Search Engines Work for You.

Learn the SEO Strategies You need to enhance your visibility on Search Engines, dominate your market, and boost Sales.
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Introduction into SEO: Complete SEO Training for Beginners

Learn WHITE HAT SEO Techniques and Powerful SEO Strategies that are following Google SEO Guidelines. SEO For Beginners.
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