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Secrets of self motivation: beat laziness with 22 Lifehacks

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Be more productive. Improve work efficiency with each 20+ motivation technique & productivity hack: End procrastination!

What does this course teach you?

Techniques 1-5
Introduction T1 - Make your work a game! (easy self discipline technique) T2 - Turn social psychology into your own advantage (and self motivation) T3 - Achieve success with just a pen and paper! T4 - Science-backed time-management technique T5 - Easiest track to becoming productivity machine (and building discipline) How to get personal support quickly!
Techniques 6-10
T6 - How to stay motivated from the time you wake up to the end of your day T7 - Using your own inner power for self improvement and self motivation T8 - Old way to stay motivated during the week by spending one plus minute a day T9 - Practical application to develop a growth mindset T10 - Simple trick that turns your mind into working mode Add technique to the course or request a topic
More Techniques (9)
Note on new techniques section T11 - Easy and fun way to becoming better everyday T12 - Condition your mind for self improvement T13 - Meditation for your motivation T14 - Expanding your motivation for long term goals T15 - The only way to succeed is to... (the path to no procrastination) T16 - Borowing successful person's mind T17 - Adding 25th hour in your day and using it for progress and self motivation T18 - Putting laziness (and procrastination) on pause T19 - Making records + using THIS one rule = magic
More Techniques (3) - Requested
Quick note on this section T20 - The power of morning T21 - Simple addon to a todo list that makes you at least x2 more productive T22 - Turn your todos into time challege tasks Quick Feedback


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