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Secrets Of Psychology - Why People Do The Things They Do

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The Ultimate Guide To Your Mind & Personal Success!

What does this course teach you?

Introduction: Goals & Fundamentals
Intro By Prof. Paul - WHY This Course is SO Important To Your Life! Goals & Fundamentals Understanding HOW Feelings Work & How You Can USE This! "The Imprint Period" - How You Were Created - How You Were Programmed The Amazing Truth About Values & Beliefs Do You Know The Difference Between Reality & Lies? Are You Sure? Personal Illusions That Are Holding You Back - Break Free! EGO - The Great Deceiver The Inner-Critic ... How To WIN The INNER Battle Understanding Self-Image & Your Multiple Minds How To Defeat The PAST & The FUTURE Emotional Reasoning & Logic Systems - How To WIN! Understanding & Meeting Your Needs - The Hidden Secrets Understanding Motivation - The Ultimate Driving Force Defeat This Major Block .... And Free Your Mind! Discover "The Source & Solution To All Your Problems" Agenda & Lies - How They impact Your Life Gambits - Games People Play Break Free From The Problems of "Attachment" & "The Sheep Mentality" "The Dirty Secret Of Psychology" & How To Free Yourself! Tap Into The Power Of The Unconscious Mind How To Control Your Own Mind - And WHY Almost Nobody Does! Why FEAR Dominates Our Lives & How To Beat it! Final Thoughts, Tips & Suggestions To Radically Improve Your Life
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