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SAT PREP / ACT PREP MATHS Animated Videos - SAT and ACT Math

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SAT PREP / ACT MATH - Animated Videos - Guarnteed Score Improvement - Target SAT / ACT Score

What does this course teach you?

Problem Solving Techniques
Approximation Technique part 1 Square Technique 1 Approximation Technique part 2 Elimination Technique part 1 Elimination Technique part 2 Substitution Technique Part 1 Substitution Technique Part 2 Sequencing Technique Part 1 Sequencing Technique Part 2 Sequencing Technique 3
Numbers Classification Integers Classification Fibonacci Sequence & BODMAS Decimals & Place Value Conversion of Decimals to fractions & Recurring Decimals Operations through Fractions Mixed Fraction, Factors & multiples L.C.M & H.C.F 1 L.C.M & H.C.F 2, Sum Of Factors & Number of Factors Factorials Divisibility Rules
Arithmetic 1
Ratio & Proportion Introduction Dividing & Combining Ratios Proportion Types of Proportion Introduction to Percentages Percentage Change & Conversion of Percent into Fractions Examples Percentage _ Examples More Examples Profit & Loss Introduction And Formulae Examples Profit or Loss Percentage Successive Discounts Simple Interest & Compound Interest
Averages Introduction & Examples on linear data Examples on non-linear data Example Problems Mixtures Introduction & Example 1 Example 2 Example 3 Rates Introduction & Formulae Rates EX_1 Rates EX_2 Rates EX_3
Geometry 1
Lines & Angles Triangles Basics Triangles Formulae Pythagorean Theorem Types Of Triangles Special Triangles Quadrilaterals Polygons
Geometry 2
Circles basics Circle Properties 3 -D Geometry 1 3 -D Geometry 2 Co - Ordinate Geometry
Algebra 1
Algebra Introduction Roots of a Quadratic Equation Exponents Basics & Formulas Functions & Simple Equations
Algebra 2
Inequalities Intro & Arithmetic Operations Absolute Values Quadratic Inequality Different Solutions
Permutation & Combination Introduction Permutations Examples Approaches Conditional Slots Examples Probability Introduction & Examples Independent & Dependent Events Types Of Questions in Probability Progressions
Sets & Venn Diagrams
Sets & Venn Diagrams Introduction Two Sets Three Sets Grids
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