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SASS from Beginner to Expert

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Using SASS you will create CSS 10x times faster. I'll teach you how to maintain a code on a whole new level using SASS

What does this course teach you?

What is SASS? What you will know after this course? SASS vs LESS
Ideal editor for working with SASS Installation and configuration of SASS Manually compilation of SASS Solution for problems with SSL when installing SASS
Code Managament
What are source maps and why they are so cool? How to compress your CSS files on fly? How to manage your code to be cleaner?
What are variables and how to properly name them? How to make drop-down menu using nested-styles? What are mixins and how to solve problem with vendor prefixes? @Extend What are placeholders and when to use them? Our own functions and built-in functions Conditional Statements on practical example using function Summary quiz
Real life examples
Why Math in Sass is so cool? Professional Responsive Web Design with SASS How to use variable value as a text for selector (Interpolation) Generating small boxes selectors with mixins and interpolation
Loop @for Lists
What's next?


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Compass - powerful SASS library that makes your life easier

Improve your SASS skills by learning the benefits of the Compass framework, which has many time-saving useful utilities
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