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Sales Page Copywriting Secrets That Converts

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Get more Clicks & Sales even if you are not a Copywriter or Sales Professional

What does this course teach you?

The Digital World of Direct Response Marketing
What makes a good sales page and why? Home Page, Landing Page & Sales Page Differences Download Worksheet For Sales Page Development Anatomy of a Killer Sales Page that Converts Customer's Desire Mind Reading Technique
Create the Perfect Sales Page that Converts
The Killer Title Headline Formula The First Hook that Keeps People Reading (Cognitive Bias Technique) Hypnotise your audience (Content Framing) Story Framing Lead (Part 1) Story Framing Lead (Part 2) Solution Framing Lead Promotion Framing Lead Creating Enticing Backstories ( Story Selling) 6 Steps Story Selling Formula Template
Scan & Overcome the 3 Stages of Prospects Invisible Obstacles
Solution Introduction (The Vehicle) Overcome Internal Objections & Belief Overcome External Objections & Belief Handling FAQ, Myth & Misconception
Gathering Undeniable Proof & Credentials
4 Methods to Gather Credentials & Social Proof
Irresistible Godfather's Offer
Seductive Offers & Mind Control Tactics The Power Guarantee & Final Sales Closing
Web Design that Helps my Students Gain Massive Sales
25 Power Bullet Point Copy Formula The Characteristics of NLP in Web Design The 6 Figure Killer Sales Page Layout Example


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