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React Native and Redux Course using hooks

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Take your react js skills to next level by building Native Android and IOS Apps using React Native

What does this course teach you?

Introduction project overview complete code used in this project
Installing React Native
Installing React Native using expo Understanding Code
Creating beautiful UI for screens
Designing Home Screen part 1 Designing Home Screen part 2 and Flatlist Designing CreateEmployee Screen Adding Modal (popup) Designing Profile Screen part 1 Designing Profile Screen part 2 opening email app and Dialer App
Adding React Navigation v5
Installing and adding Navigation Customizing Header Making Profile screen dynamic
Accessing Camera,Image Gallery and uploading Images
access camera and image gallery uploading images to Cloudinary
working on backend of application
setting up node js and mongodb making Schema and connecting to mongodb making post data route handler making update and delete route handler
connecting React Native with node js and express backend
why ngrok Posting data from React native fetching records in home Screen Implementing pull to refresh feature deleting employee feature Updating Employee details Adding Keyboard Avoiding View
Adding Redux for state management
why we need Redux Adding Redux in our app
Ditching Redux and adding context API
Adding Context API
Youtube clone - Dark theme & redux added
Second App Overview creating header component creating Home screen Cards creating search screen header creating MiniCard component for search screen making use of youtube API to fetch videos fixing video image issue combining navigators theory and installing navigation v5 Creating screens and combining navigation Adding icons in tabs and wireing up navigation adding redux sharing data with home screen working on Explore Screen tab working on Video Player Screen Adding Dark Theme toggle theme using redux


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The Complete React Native from Zero to Hero

Understand React Native with Hooks, Context, and React Navigation
Coupon code expired
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