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Python Ethical Hacking : Build tools for ethical hacking

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Learn hacking with Python by building your own tools

What does this course teach you?

What this course covers
Getting Started
Virtual machines Operating Systems Installing python part 1 Announcement Source Code Installing python part 2 Integrated Development Environments [IDEs] to use Virtual environment Virtual environment linux virtual environment windows virtual environment windows part 2 visual studio code configuration
Networking Introduction
Network Classification Local Area Network types OSI stack Common networking terminologies
Introduction to hacking
What is Hacking
Staying anonymous
How to change MAC address Creating MAC changer Class Regex pattern completing MAC function Running the program
Geo Tracking
How HTTP protocol works How to track IP location
Packet manipulation - Introduction to scapy module
Introduction to networking layers TCP / IP/ ETHER Scapy introduction Working with scapy
Network scanning
Network Mapper Introduction - NMAP Creating scapy scanner Scanning network using scapy Sending packets
Creating your own malware
Create a server program Create a client program Create server class Listen and accept connections Sending and receiving data Create client class Creating instances for server and client Handling the connection Getting user input Creating command obj Getting user command Execute system command Executing command windows Handling empty command Adding delimeter Receive command result back
Malware - upload viruses and files to victim
Introduction how to send file Getting files on server Send file Receiving file handler Receiving file on victim Running the program Encrypting viruses


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