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Python Basics

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Learn the basics of Python that will help you in penetration testing

What does this course teach you?

What is Python and How it can help you in Ethical Hacking Setting up Python in Windows, Linux, and Mac Using the Python Interpreter vs. an IDE Data Types in Python Variables, Strings and Simple Operations in Python Lists, Tuples, and Sets Dictionaries If, Else Statements Loops Functions Classes Working with Files and Installing Modules Exception Handling What is Next


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Introduction To Computer Science With Python Part 1

AStateOfData.Com™ Computer Science With Python: An Absolute Beginners Guide To Computer Science
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Python Demonstrations For Practice Course

This course is a depth introduction to fundamental python programming concepts by demonstrations in Python programming .
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Learn! Python from scratch - Basics to Advanced

Go from Python 3 basics like datatypes to advanced concepts like scraping data from web.
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