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Procreate 5X - How To Use Procreate on the iPad (2020)

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Procreate 5X course in hands-on style - Learn to use Procreate on the iPad (Pro) thru 4 inspiring digital art projects.

What does this course teach you?

Set up your Procreate environment
How to Install Procreate Getting Started with Procreate
Project 1 - Imaginary Children Book Cover
Draw the Girl Paint the Background Paint the Flower Paint the Puppy Framing the Composition
Project 2 - Low Poly Bird Design
How to Import a Reference Photo Draw a Low Poly Mesh Paint the Mesh with Colors Add Background to the Composition Add Text to your Artwork Interesting Effects with Layer Mask Using Opacity on the Background Finalizing the Art Project How to Share your Artwork Time-lapse Video about your Art Add Noise to your Image
Project 3 - Animation
How to Create an Animation
Procreate 5X - All New Features
Introduction Version Check Private Layer Text Scribble Instant Palette & SwatchDrop QuickMenu Profiles Color Fill With Selection Tool Reference Companion Blur Brushes Transform Bounding Box & Snapping New Adjustments & Pencil Filters Gradient Map Bloom Glitch New Copy & Paste Popup Menu Halftone Chromatic Aberration Procreate Widget Transparent Background Animation Private Layer Crop & Resize Snapping FacePaint
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