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Power BI Sales Pipeline Analytics & Visualization

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Intermediate Power BI training on data modelling, DAX and report creation by G Com Solutions

What does this course teach you?

1. Getting Started
1. Welcome to Power BI Sales Pipeline Analytics & Visualization 2. Review the Completed Project 3. Download the Course Files Here
2. Data Connection and Transformation
1. Connecting to the Data 2. Performing Basic Transformations 3. Connecting to an External Date Table
3. Data Modelling
1. Overview of Relationships 2. Engineering a One-to-Many Relationship 3. Handling multiple significant dates 4. Active and Inactive Relationships
4. Analytics and Visualization
1. Creating a Measures Table 2. The USERELATIONSHIP Function 3. Calculating Key Metrics 4. Visualizing our Data 5. Displaying Top 5 Customers 6. Sources of business 7. Displaying the Sales Funnel 8. Converted and Lost Business
5. Comparing Actual to Target
1. Displaying Target vs Actual 2. Sales Opportunities by Month 3. Displaying Sales Managers 4. Displaying Sales People 5. Dynamically Showing a Chart 6. Optimizing Visual Interactions


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