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Personal Finance : Personal Budgeting for Beginners

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An online series to improve financial literacy & financial management : A Personal Budget course for beginners

What does this course teach you?

Introduction Who Am I ? Why am I Teaching ?
Buying Triggers Around Us
Intro to Triggers Ease of Buying and Credit Ads are the biggest drivers The Stats
Power of Small Habits
What if we saved only 5 dollars The Main Lessons of Case Study 1 & 2 Case Study 1 Case Study 2 The Conclusion for Case Study 1 & 2 Calculator
Where Do I start ?
Reasons Examples of Reasons Your Reasons Case Study 3
How to Budget
Introduction Outline on How to Budget Gain Awareness Where to Document Creating Google Sheets When to Write it Down
Wants vs Needs
What are Wants vs Needs
Expenses Category
What are the Category Category in Spreadsheet Bonus Tips for Saving
Long Term Goals
Emergency Fund Categories of Long Term Goals What are your Goals ? The Timer and What to Write Case Studies
Intro Benefits of Envelope Systems Implementing the Envelope System 50/30/20 System 60/20/20 System
The End
Mindset Shift Recap Thank You


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