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Modern PHP Web Development w/ MySQL, GitHub & Heroku

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Learn to develop data driven web applications using PHP and MySQL, manage them with GitHub and deploy to Heroku

What does this course teach you?

Environment Configuration
Setup a PHP Environment using XAMPP Install Composer Package Manager Visual Studio Code - Web Development Add ons Create a GitHub Account Create a Heroku Account
PHP Basics and Syntax
How PHP Works IF...ELSE Statements Switch Statements FOR Loop WHILE AND DO...WHILE Loops PHP Arrays and Manipulation String Manipulation Functions Date and Time Manipulation Functions User Defined Functions PHP Include and Require PHP Website Layout - With Bootstrap Add Project to Github Publish Website to Heroku Final Source Code
PHP Forms and MySQL and User Authentication
Project and Website Setup Create a Bootstrap 4 Form PHP Form - $_GET Action PHP Form - $_POST Action Design Database with phpMyAdmin Connect to Database using PHP PDO Save Records to Database View Database Records View One Record's Details Update Database Records Delete Database Records Final Touches: Form Validation, Error Messages, Success Messages Add Project to GitHub Create Heroku App and Remote Database Setup Authentication Tables in Database Setup Login and Authentication Control User Access Sending Confirmation Emails Upload Profile Pictures Final Touches Final Source Code
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