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Mobile Security: Reverse Engineer Android Apps From Scratch

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Learn Android reverse engineering in less than 4 hours

What does this course teach you?

Course prerequisites
Course overview Course prerequisites
Intro to Android
Section 2 Intro to Android
Course/Lab setup
Section 3 Android Studio SDK Manager Emulator ADB Apktool JD-GUI/Enjarify Bytecodeviewer Androguard Objection Tamer Recap
Developing a basic Android App
Section 4 Android App Structure and components Simple UI i Simple UI ii Simple UI iii App Components: Activity i App Components: Activity ii App Components: Content Provider App Components: Broadcast Receiver i App Components: Broadcast Receiver ii App Components: Service i App Components: Service ii Recap
Analyzing Android Apps
Section 5 Static vs Dynamic vs Automated Analysis ADB Static Analysis: APKtool Static Analysis: Bytecodeviewer Static Analysis: Androguard Dynamic Analysis: Objection Automated Analysis: Malware Sandbox i Automated Analysis: Malware Sandbox ii Recap
Case study: Analyzing real ransomware and developing a decryption tool
Section 6 Simplocker: Automated Analysis Simplocker: Running on Emulator Simplocker: Static Analysis Simplocker: Decryption Tool Simplocker Quiz Recap Thank you


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