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Mindfulness for Children

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Learn how to teach children mindfulness with simple and fun ideas.

What does this course teach you?

Introduction to the Course What is Mindfulness? 7 Attitudes of Mindfulness 7 Attitudes of Mindfulness .pdf file
Breathing Techniques
Introduction to Breathing Teddy Breathing Bubbles Hand Breathing Bead Meditation Story (Meditation) - Bubble Blower Magic
Introduction to Awareness Rainbow Walk Rainbow Walk pdf Play Doh Sensory Treasure Hunt Treasure Hunt pdf Sound Tins Mindful Eating Story (Meditation) Magic Carpet Ride
Thoughts and feelings
Introduction to Thoughts and Feelings (Tomatoes) Glitter Jar Make a Glitter Jar Make a Glitter Jar pdf Worry Time Name that Emotion - Jelly Man Jelly Man pdf Story (Meditation) - Big Emotions and the Beautiful Dragonfly Story (Meditation) - Pausing to Understand Anger
Introduction to Body Stretching Mindful Walking Bedtime Story (Meditation) - Rag doll Relaxation
Gratitude, Patience and Kindness
Gratitude Tree Gratitude Tree pdf Positive Affirmations Positive Affirmations pdf Colouring Pause Button - STOP Calm Down Box Story (Meditation) - Bucket of Kindness
Thank you
Older Children Meditation - Lakeside Thank you Extra - Adult Body-scan Meditation Extra - Adult Mindful Meditation


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The Complete Mindfulness Course - Enjoy Life In the Present

Mindfulness Can Be Achieved - Stress Management - Meditation - Yoga - and SelfieSpeak Programming - Live In The Present
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Road to Nirvana: Building Blocks of Mindfulness Meditation

Innovators Research into Mindfulness Meditation as a tool to boost Creativity, Improve Quality of life & achieve Success
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Mindfulness for Productivity

Calming practises to help you focus on what is truly important
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