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Microsoft Excel VBA for Beginners - Learn VBA Step by Step

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Serious about learning VBA for Excel? This course makes learning VBA easy. Jump in and master Microsoft Excel VBA today!

What does this course teach you?

Introduction to VBA in Excel
Introduction - What You're Going to Learn in This Course What is VBA and When is it Used? How to Set Up VBA in Excel Understanding the Basics of VBA How to Record a Simple Macro 3 Valuable Help Resources
VBA Basics - Getting Started
Creating a Sub Variable Types Declaring a Variable Creating Dialogs Introduction to Arrays Static Arrays Dynamic Arrays Multi-Dimensional Arrays Controls
File Interactions in VBA
Object Hierarchy Workbooks - Part 1 Workbooks - Part 2 Worksheet Objects Reading and Writing Data Tables Table Interactions
Operations in VBA
Math Manipulation String Manipulation
Procedures in VBA
Creating and Calling a Subroutine Passing Arguments
Loops and IF Statements in VBA
Types of Loops and If Statements With/End With Loop Examples
Forms in VBA
Controls Properties Form Code Loading a Form and Preparing Lists
Speeding Up Your Code in VBA
Speeding Up Your Code
Debugging and Testing Your VBA Code
Error Types Debugging Error Handling
Advanced VBA
Custom Functions Custom Events


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