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Mechanical Engineering-Machine Designing-1

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learn Machines Component Designing

What does this course teach you?

Introduction to This Course Introduction to Machine Designing
Gears Introduction Types of Gears Terms Used in Gears Basic Formulas Pressure Angle Laws Of Gearing-1 Laws Of Gearing-2 Types of Forms of Gears Tooth Profile Cyclodial Tooth Profile Gear Modeling Involute Toorh Profile Gear Modeling Designing of Spur Gear-1 Designing of Spur Gear-2 Designing of Spur Gear-3 Designing of Spur Gear-4 Modeling of Spur Gear-1 Modeling of Spur Gear-2 Designing of Helical Gear Modeling of Helical Gear Designing of Bevel Gear-1 Designing of Bevel Gear-2 Modeling of Bevel Gear Designing of Worm Gear-1 Designing of Worm Gear-2 Modeling of Worm Modeling of Worm Gear
Introduction to Shaft Designing Types Of Shafts Standard Sizes for Shafts Types of Stresses in Shafts Shaft Designing Case 1-Shaft Subjected to Twisting Moment Only Case 2-Shaft Subjected to Bending Moment Only Case 3-Shaft Subjected to Combined Twisting & Bending Moment-1 Case 3-Shaft Subjected to Combined Twisting & Bending Moment-2 Case 4-Shaft Subjected to Fluctuating Load Case 5-Shaft Subjected to Axial Load with Combined Moments Shaft Designing on the Basis of Torsional Rigidity Key Designing Fits & Tolerances in Keys Shaft Modeling
Lever-Introduction Types of Levers Lever Formulas Designing of Hand Lever-1 Designing of Hand Lever-2 Designing of Foot Lever Designing of Bell Cranck Lever Modeling of Bell Crank Lever
Spring-Introduction Types of Springs Materials For Springs Terms Used in Springs Stresses in Springs Spring Size Determination Springs in Series & Parallel Spring Selection
Bearing-Introduction Bearings-Types & Selection
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