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Mastering Interview Skills in 1 Hour with Fortune 500 Exec

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(2019) Learn to master interview skills from Fortune 500 Executive and MBA Admissions Head to win your dream offer

What does this course teach you?

Meeting Our Instructor
Pre-Interview: Preparing For Success
Drafting Your Frequently Asked Questions 4 Typical Question Types The Rule of 3 Headline Approach STAR - L Model The Research Process Pre-Interview: Summary
The Interview Process
The Interview Process Dress Code Seating Plan First Interaction Structure For Your Self-Introduction The Do's and Don't's What is Rapport Physiology Phrasing Audio Why We Need Tough Questions The Weakness Question The Qualification Question The Trick Question Art of Buying Time Summary: The Interview Process
Post-interview: Getting the Offer
Meta Questions Key to Effective Questions Next Step Stay Connected Keep Contacts Warm
The Winning Mindset to Ace the Interview
Overcoming Psychological Barriers The Subconscious Mind - Visualisation The Power Song Wrap Up: The Interview Process


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