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Master Arduino without coding

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Learn how to use Arduino and Scratch4Arduino to control devices like motors and LEDs and make real time projects.

What does this course teach you?

Introduction to S4A Explanation about Parts of Arduino
Installing the software
How to Install the software
Arduino LED control
Learn how to make the LEDs blink Make a LED to blink with generating sound Arduino LED control
Controlling a DC motor and LED using Potentiometer
About the Potentiometer, Transistor and Diode Making the code to control the DC motor and LED Controlling a DC motor and LED using Potentiometer
Motion detection system
Get to know about the PIR motion sensor Make a code to design a circuit for a theft detection system Motion detection system
Controlling a toy car project
Learn about Arduino Motor Shield and Servo motor Learn about the motor blocks code to control the toy car Real time demonstration of the toy car project Controlling a toy car project
Bonus Content : LM35 Temperature sensor
Bonus Content : Temperature sensor LM35 Bonus Content : Circuit diagram


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Arduino meets Python: Step by Step

Control your Arduino using Python easily and effectively and unleash the power of Python coding and Arduino Hardware
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Arduino Programming and Hardware Basics with Wio Terminal

Learn about Arduino programming along with hardware basics with Wio Terminal
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PCB Design: Make Arduino Nano using Altium Designer

Learn Printed Circuit Board design by Making Arduino Nano in Altium Designer Software.
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