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Machine Supervised Learning: Regression in Python 3 and Math

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Master Regression Algorithm as it provides a base for you to build on and learn other ML algorithms.

What does this course teach you?

Simple Linear Regression
Math Behind Simple Linear Regression Download your course material from here! Let's Start Coding!
Multiple Linear Regression
Welcome to Multiple Linear Regression Basic Statistics and P-Value R-Squared The Essence of Multiple Linear Regression Easy? No. Worth it? Absolutely. Interpreting Coefficients in MLR Preparation Steps 1: MLR Analysis (Business Problem Analysis) Preparation Steps 2: Checking Linearity Preparation Steps 3: Correlation Analysis Preparation Steps 4: Single Variable Regressions Preparation Steps 5: Multiple Variable Regression Choosing Best Multiple Linear Regression Model The Essence of Dummy Variables Applying Multiple Linear Regression Using Excel Python 1: MLR (Stock Price Prediction) Python 2: MLR (Stock Price Prediction) Python 3: MLR Assignment (Human Life Expectancy) Python 4: MLR Assignment (Human Life Expectancy) Life Expectancy Assignment (Kaggle Problem)
Ridge & Lasso Regression
Python 1: Ridge Regression (Business Problem) L1 & L2 Regularization Techniques Python 2: Ridge Regression (Business Problem) Python 3: Ridge Regression (Business Problem) Python 4: Lasso Regression (Business Problem)
Polynomial Regression
The Essence of Residual Plots Polynomial Regression VS Quadratic Regression The Essence of Over-fitting Python: Polynomial Regression
Decision Trees & Random Forests Regression
The Essence of Decision Trees Regressor Python 1: Regression Trees (Petrol Consumption Prediction) Python 2: Regression Trees (Business Problem) The Essence of Random Forests Regression


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