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Logistics and supply chain management (Masterclass Gold)

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Learn high level ways to structure an excellent logistics management system

What does this course teach you?

Intro1 Intro2
Demand Management
Planning & Control Forecasting Methods. Part 1 Capacity planning Capacity planning (Part 2. ) Customer Order Process Customer Order Process Part. 2 Forecasting Forecasting Methods. Part 2 Forecasting Excersie Forecasting (Trend data partner) Practicals on Excel Practicals on Excel (part 2.) Results. Seasonal data forecasting Accounting for Forecast Errors. Material management planning
Materials Management
Stock Function Material Management & Transportation Material Requirements Planning (MRP) Distribution Requirement Planning Kanban Cards Kannan Card Exercise Lot Size (Economic Order Quantity, EOQ) Safety stock
Distribution and route planning
Consolidation techniques Load factor Route planning. (The sweep method) Route planning. (The savings method) Network optimization model Network optimisation (Part 2.) Network optimisation (Part 3.) Network optimisation (Part 4.) Terminal Management Tracking & Tracing Transportation (Pricing)
Procurement & Collaboration
Procurement Process Types of procurement Incoterms Procurement of Materials (Financial Considerations) Suppliers Evaluation Criteria Negative Effect of Supply chain. Part 1 Negative Effect of supply chain. Part 2. Co-operations Collaboration Concept Resource Utilization. Part 1 Resources Utilisation. Part 2 Product Supply Chain Strategies
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International Logistics & Transportation in Supply Chain.

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