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Listen Conversations & Learn to Speak Fluent English

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Day-to-day talking in English which we use frequently in our daily life

What does this course teach you?

Talking in English Part 1
Free Preview Planning a trip Where do you come from ? The first time to meet Tea or Coffee ? What do you prefer ? Do you remember me ? Family How was your vacation ? Have you ever traveled abroad ? What kind of food do you like ? What would you like to do when you feel bored ? What are your Hobbies ? I like your style Shopping What is your plan after you graduate ? Asking information on the phone
Talking in English Part 2
Talking about a car Waiting for the train Giving direction for a place Film selection Learn to say no to someone Buy me a list of things from a shop Going to buy shoes Purchase a new phone A coincidence Making a date Postponing the date Make a phone call for re-scheduling the date Making a reservation for the party Dinner at the restaurant Making a toast Making a phone call Visiting a friend Greetings Taking Breakfast Ordering food Asking for bill in restaurant Encounter a friend somewhere in the city
Talking in English Part 3
Meeting a Travel Agent Airport conversation Ask for Assistance Check-in at Hotel Dinner at Restaurant In the Bar Use Various Services Ask for Tourist Places Book a show Asking a passer-by
Talking in English Part 4
On the Flight At Airport Immigration Talk about Shopping Talk about Cities Weather and Places Public Transport Lunch Time Plan and ask for a Date On the Date Visiting a Museum Ask for Directions


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