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Learn Persian (Farsi) language: speak, read, and write!

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Learn Persian (Farsi) Online: A language with 2500 years of culture and history!

What does this course teach you?

Why Persian (Farsi) Language?! Introduction & Introducing the Vowels in Persian!
The first letter 'alef' (ا) & Greetings in Persian (Farsi)
Greetings in Persian and the first letter! Lecture 3
The second letter 'be'(ب) & the Pronouns in Persian (Farsi)
Pronouns in Persian and the second letter! Lecture 4
The third letter 'pe'(پ) & How to introduce yourself in Persian (Farsi)
Introduce yourself in Persian and the third letter! Lecture 5
The fourth letter 'te' (ت) & Colors in Persian (Farsi)
Colors in Persian and the fourth letter! Lecture 6
The fifth letter 'se' (ث) & Numbers in Persian (Farsi)
Numbers in Persian and the fifth letter! Lecture 7
The sixth letter 'jim' (ج) & Family members in Persian (Farsi)
Family members in Persian and the sixth letter! Lecture 8
The seventh letter 'che' (چ) & Parts of the body in Persian (Farsi)
Parts of the body and the seventh letter! Lecture 9
The eighth letter 'he' (ح) & Present Tense in Persian (Farsi)
Present Tense in Persian and the eighth letter! Lecture 10
The ninth letter 'khe' (خ) & Past Tense in Persian (Farsi)
Past Tense in Persian and the ninth letter! Lecture 11


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