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Learn Deferred Taxes through Case Studies

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Unique course covering only Practice Problems in Deferred Taxes

What does this course teach you?

Transition adjustment / First Time Adoption
Deferred Tax and Transition Adjustment Problem 1 Treatment for first time adoption of AS 22 Accounting for Taxes on Income
Computation of Deferred Tax & P&L a/c
Compute Deferred Tax and amount to be debited to Profit and Loss a/c Computation of Deferred Tax and Preparation of Profit and Loss Statement Deferred Tax and Profit and Loss Statement (CA Final)
Computation of Deferred Tax Asset / Liability
Compute Deferred Tax Asset / Liability for three years Compute Deferred Tax for tax free holiday period enterprises Compute Deferred Tax (CMA Examination Problem) Compute Deferred Tax (CA Final Exam Problem) Deferred Tax Problem CA Final Examination
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