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JavaScript Modern ES6 - 2020 - The Complete Course

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Learn Modern JavaScript ES6 from scratch till advanced in just 7 hours.

What does this course teach you?

Introduction Tools that you need
NEW! - Visual Studio Code - All you need to know
Install Visual Studio Code | Node JS | GIT and Setup Navigating VS Code | Changing themes Creating new Files | Folders | Moving files Using integrated terminal | Running JavaScript Code Installing Extensions and enabling them | My Favorite Extensions VS Code Alternatives | Atom text editor | Sublime text
Basics of JavaScript as a Programming Language
[bonus] Stay upto date with web development and programming JavaScript Syntax Variables in JavaScript UseStrict & Hoisting in JavaScript ( NEW!! ) Difference between Var, Let and Const Quiz 1
Operators | Decision Making Statements | Looping Statements
COURSE CODE Operators BitWise Operators Decision making statements - if, if-else, switch-case Looping statements - for, for-in, for-of, while, do while, break BONUS Article from tharunshiv.com : 5 main topics in HTML that you should know
Functions and Arrow Functions
Functions - return, parameters, default parameters, rest operator Functions - constructor, recursion, anonymous, arrow, generator functions Article - Generator Functions and Anonymous functions Generator Functions | 4 Ways to use them | Advantages Quiz 2
Project - Stick It Notes - Part 1
Project Website and code Project Demo - The Website Project Demo - Mobile Project Intro A Note from the Instructor Building the HTML of the Project Writing the CSS - Part 1 Writing the CSS - Part 2 Continuation of the Project
Cookies | Page Redirects | Dialog boxes | Print Pages
( NEW!! ) Cookies | Sessions | LocalStorage - an Intro ( NEW!! ) LocalStorage - Store , Retrieve, Remove, Clear all ( NEW!! ) Cookies and Sessions - Create, read, delete, expires Dialog Boxes - Alert, Confirm, Prompt Page Redirection Print Page BONUS from tharunshiv.com : 3 reasons why you shouldn't use CSS Frameworks
Objects - All you need to know about them
Objects - Object Initialization Objects - Object Constructor Objects - Object.create() Objects - Object.assign() Objects - delete objects Objects - Comparing objects Objects - Destructuring BONUS article from tharunshiv.com : PWA | Progressive Web Apps | Pros and Cons
Arrays | Set Interval | Set Timeout
Arrays - Initializing and storing Arrays - Methods in Arrays Set Interval | Set timeout BONUS Article from tharunshiv.com : 8 Freelancing blunders to avoid
NEW! - Advanced Array Methods - Map Reduce Filter Some Every Find FindIndex
The Map Method - Part 1 The Map Method - Part 2 The Reduce Method The Filter Method The Some Method The Every Method The Find Method The FindIndex Method


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