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JavaScript + ES6 + ES7 + ES8 + ES9 -> The Complete Guide

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Modern JavaScript: From Beginner to a JS Ninja for futuristic development with ES5, ES6, ES7, ES8 & ES9 !!

What does this course teach you?

JS: Fundamentals
Getting started: Hello World !!! Basic Syntax 'use strict': The Modern Mode Variables Data types Primitive vs. Reference Values User Interaction: alert, prompt, confirm Numbers Strings boolean vs. Boolean Module: Source Code
JS: Operators
Operators and their Precedence Comparison Operators Logical Operators Conditional (ternary) Operator Module: Source Code
JS: Control Flow
switch...case Statement while/ do...while Statement for Statement break/ continue/ labeled Statement Module: Source Code
JS: Arrays
Array Stack and Queue Shallow vs. Deep copy splice(): Delete, Insert, and Replace slice(): Copying a portion of an Array indexOf(), lastIndexOf() & find(), findIndex() & filter(): Finding/ Filtering concat() & reverse() map(): Transforming & forEach(): Iterate sort(): Sorting Elements reduce() / reduceRight(): Reducing an Array into a Value Module: Source Code
JS: Functions
Functions Functions as Objects apply(), call() & bind() Recursion Closure JavaScript Timers Module: Source Code
JS: Objects
Objects Object's Properties & their various Attributes Object to Primitive Conversions
JS: Prototypes
Demystifying Prototype Prototypes Methods - I Prototypes Methods - II Prototypal Inheritance Demystifying 'this'
JS: Patterns to create Objects
Factory Pattern Constructor Pattern
JS: Error Handling
Error handling: try...catch Statement Error types Operator: throw Custom Errors Module: Source Code
ES6: Features with their Syntax
'let': Block-Scoped Variables Hoisting: 'var' vs. 'let' 'const': Declaring Constants (Fat) Arrow Functions Arrow Functions: this, argument, new, prototype Default Function Parameters Rest Parameters Spread Operator 'for…of': New Loop Statement Object Literal Syntax Extensions Octal and Binary Literals Template Literals Destructuring: Array Destructuring: Object Module: Source Code


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JavaScript Complete Guide Course

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