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Italian Level 1: Master Speaking Italian (2 courses in 1)

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A complete guide to speaking Italian and travelling in Italy; a masterclass for travel and business

What does this course teach you?

Welcome - Benvenuti Getting ready for our trip - Prepariamoci per il viaggio! What makes this course unique? Join our Italian Learning Community Italian pronunciation - La pronuncia italiana Italian spelling Why should you learn Italian? Perché imparare italiano? Geography of Italy
Benvenuti a Roma! Welcome to Rome! Saying hello! Dire ciao! Top 5 things to do in Rome Avere • to have Gender and plurality explained Essere • To be
Toscana • Tuscany
Benvenuti a Firenze! Welcome to Florence! Top 5 things to do in Florence Number 1 to 100 • I numeri 1 a 100 The time • L'ora Taking the train in Italy Introducing yourself to a stranger • Presentarti a uno straniere
Umbria e Liguria
Benvenuti a Cinqueterre! Welcome to Cinqueterre! Benvenuti ad Umbria! Welcome to Umbria! Your family • La tua famiglia Possessive adjectives • Gli aggettivi possessivi I want, I must, I can
Milano • Milan
Benvenuti a Milano! Welcome to Milan! Cos'è un bar? • What is a bar? I Tipi di Caffè in Italia • Types of Coffee in Italy Come ordinare un caffè • How to order coffee Aperitivi e digestivi Top 5 things to do in Milan Fare • To do, to make
Venezia • Venice
Benvenuti a Venezia! Welcome to Venice! Come fare un check-in a un albergo • How to check in to a hotel Top 5 things to do in Venice I Verbi Regolari ARE • Regular ARE verbs
Sicilia • Sicily
Benvenuti in Sicilia! Welcome to Sicily! Le domande • Questions Asking when you don't understand something Ordinare il cibo a un ristorante • Ordering food at a restaurant
Tornare da noi • Returning home
Torniamo a Roma • Let's go back to Rome Parlare nel futuro • Speaking in the future Come dare le indicazioni • How to give directions Le indicazioni al aeroporto • Directions to the airport
Travel Tips, Tricks, and Advice
Travel advice: Cheap flights Travel advice: Safety in Italy Travel advice: Finding incredible places to eat Bonus Lecture: Ideas to keep practicing Italian


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Conversational Italian 1: Master Spoken Italian (Beginners)

A conversational Italian course for beginners who want to finally learn spoken Italian.
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