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IoT - Internetworking with Arduino

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A comprehensive and practical guide for designing and implementing IP communication between IoT devices.

What does this course teach you?

Welcome to the Course
Course Introduction Course Environment Install Packet Sender Install Copper (Cu) Browser Extension
The Concept of IoT
IoT Components IoT Reference Model - ITU-T IoT Reference Model - IWF
Internetworking Basics
Internet Protocol Suite Quiz - Internet Protocol Suite Components of a Network
Connect Arduino to the Network
Arduino Ethernet Shield Arduino Ethernet Library Connect Arduino to the Network (Manual IP Address) Arduino Ethernet Shield
Transport Layer Protocols
Transport Layer Protocols UDP (User Datagram Protocol) UDP UDP Implementation on Arduino I. UDP Implementation on Arduino II. TCP TCP
Application Layer Protocols
DHCP Implementation on Arduino I. DHCP Implementation on Arduino II. DHCP Implementation on Arduino III. Managing Leases NTP
Protocols for the Internet of Things
REST Architecture Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP) CoAP MQTT MQTT


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Internet of Things IOT, Robotics and Hacking with NodeMCU

Learn NodeMCU by doing fun IOT projects, robotics and ethical hacking from simple to advanced
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The Internet of Things (IoT): 2020 Trends and the Future

Discover the top Internet of Things (IoT) Trends, Technologies and Related Websites for 2020 and Beyond
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