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Image Recognition for Beginners using CNN in R Studio

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Deep Learning based Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) for Image recognition using Keras and Tensorflow in R Studio

What does this course teach you?

Introduction Course resources
Setting Up R Studio and R crash course
Installing R and R studio Basics of R and R studio Packages in R Inputting data part 1: Inbuilt datasets of R Inputting data part 2: Manual data entry Inputting data part 3: Importing from CSV or Text files Creating Barplots in R Creating Histograms in R
Single Cells - Perceptron and Sigmoid Neuron
Perceptron Activation Functions
Neural Networks - Stacking cells to create network
Basic Terminologies Gradient Descent Back Propagation Quiz
Important concepts: Common Interview questions
Some Important Concepts Quiz
Standard Model Parameters
Tensorflow and Keras
Keras and Tensorflow Installing Keras and Tensorflow
R - Dataset for classification problem
Data Normalization and Test-Train Split
R - Building and training the Model
Building, Compiling and Training Evaluating and Predicting
The NeuralNets Package
ANN with NeuralNets Package
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