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How to Get a Tech Job; Interview for and Land Any Job

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Land any interview, job or internship in tech with networking, emailing, and interviewing advice from Microsoft PM

What does this course teach you?

Introduction About the author
Understanding the Tech Industry
What is the Tech Industry Do you need a technical degree to work in Tech What jobs and internships are in the Tech Industry What job or internship is for you
What to do in College
Standing out among the crowd to land your dream job Keys skills to develop to succeed Does your major matter for tech jobs and internships What internships should you do to prepare for a tech role Leveling up your internships Does GPA matter for technology jobs or internships How to navigate career fairs and land interviews Why school career counselors are wrong
Navigating Recruiting
Strategy and mindset for recruiting technology jobs and internships Staying organized during recruiting The best time to prepare Referrals and how to network Creating a standout resume to land the job or internship Why you are overthinking your cover letter #1 tip for landing interviews for tech jobs or internships Creating your own opportunities in technology It is okay to be under qualified
Crushing Interviews
Interview partners and the importance of preparation Pre-interview research What to wear to a tech interview Preparing for the interview How to answer "Tell me about yourself" How to crush behavioral interviews How to ace any interview for a job or internship Questions to ask after the interview Sending thank you notes
Getting the Decision
Facing rejection Negotiating the offer and increasing your salary


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