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How to Create Pro Web Graphics Using Canva Mobile App

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Create Epic Graphic Designs On Your Smartphone. Created on Mobile so you can easily follow along.

What does this course teach you?

Welcome to How to Use Canva to Create Professional Graphics
IMPORTANT: Getting Started Understanding Principles of Design Understanding Principles of Colors Principles for Working with Canva template Basic Summary of This Section
Working with Adobe Colors Online
Intro to Adobe Color Adobe Color Lesson 2 Adobe Color Lesson 3
Basic Professional Graphics Design using Canva
Your First Lesson in Design Designing a Flyer How to Create Professional Quote Designs How to Create A Story or WhatsApp Status Design Lesson 2 on WhatsApp Status Design
Photo-Editing Basics
Snapseed (FREE App) Exposure Adjustments Color Splash Color Splash Lesson 2 Lessons on Shapes in Design
Intermediate to Pro Lessons on Canva Graphic Designs
How to Create Epic Flyer Designs on Canva How to Work with Layers in Canva App
Bonus Tutorials
Creating a 3D Mockup Design with/on Your Phone
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