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How to create an animated promo video in PowerPoint

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Create your own custom animated video that you can use as a promo material for marketing campaign

What does this course teach you?

Section 1 - Creating the design for the promo video
Preparation Slide 1 - Creating the title slide Slide 2 - Revealing the main idea of the promo video Slide 3 - Revealing the client's 1st pain Slide 4 - Revealing the client's 2nd pain Slide 5 - Revealing the client's 3rd pain Slide 6 - Revealing the client's 4th pain Slide 7 - Offering the solution Slide 8 - Answering their pain Slide 9 - Offering our 1st benefit Slide 10 - Offering our 2nd benefit Slide 11 - Offering our 3rd benefit Slide 12 - Offering our 4th benefit Slide 13 - Offering our 5th benefit Slide 14 - Why trust us Slide 15 - Creating slide with video testimonial Slide 16 - Slide with ticking clock Slide 17 - Call to Action slide
Section 2 - Animating the presentation and creating custom transitions
Intro - Reducing image size to optimize the presentation Animating the 1st slide Animating the 2nd slide Animating the 3rd slide Animating the 4th slide Animating the 5th slide Animating the 6th slide Animating the 7th slide Animating the 8th slide Animating the 9th slide Animating the 10th slide Animating the 11th slide Animating the 12th slide Animating the 13th slide Animating the 14th slide Animating the 15th slide Animating the 16th slide Animating the final 17th slide
Section 3 - Converting presentation to the FullHD video
Recording the video with the background music


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