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High Speed Data Analysis for the REAL WORLD

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Secret weapons for real world data gathering, extraction and analysis, ready to use NOW!

What does this course teach you?

Getting Started (DO NOT SKIP)
Getting Started Course Goals What you will learn Resource Locations Best Practices Finally
Disclaimer All of the resources needed for this course. Who I am What else do you see? Just the code please
The System Set-Up
Setting up you system ( Highly Recommended ) Oracle VirtualBox ( Highly Recommended ) Oracle VirtualBox Extension Pack ( Highly Recommended ) How To Your Virtual Machine Creating your own VM VM Quick Tips Exporting a VM Sublime Text Linux commands
Data Analysis
Introduction to Data Analysis
Web Scraping
To Know Use Case Web Scraping PT.I Web Scraping PT.II Follow Up Udemy Site Security Example
Text from Images
Use Case Extract Text from image PT.I Extract Text from image PT.II Udemy video text extraction
Pdf text extraction
Extracting text from a .pdf
MS Word test extraction
Extracting text from a Microsoft Word document
Csv text extraction
Use Case #1 Basic .csv text extraction Use Case #2 .csv text extraction and with Python Pandas Follow Up
File Similarity Comparison
Use Case Compare Files for similarity Follow Up


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Curso Excel - Fórmulas, tablas dinámicas y dashboards

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The Complete Introduction to Data Analytics with Tableau

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