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Google Drive : Master Google Drive from Beginner to Expert

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Become Google Drive Expert : Practical Guide to Google drive and all its Integrated Apps, Master Google Drive today !

What does this course teach you?

Introduction to Google Drive
What is Google Drive ? and How does it work ? What can we store in Google Drive ? Why Google Drive ? How 2-step verification authentication works ?
Basic Requirements to set up Google Drive
Before you Start Create Google Account Different ways to open Google Drive and Download/Setup Google Drive Desktop App
Google Drive Web App UI Features
Introduction to Google Drive UI Google Drive 'New' Feature MyDrive Computers Shared With me Recent Starred Trash Storage Settings/Miscellaneous
Google Drive 'New' Web UI Features
Google Drive 1: Introduction Google Drive 2 : 12 Tips and Tricks Google Drive 3 : Back up and Sync Feature Google Docs 1 : Introduction Google Docs 2: 15 Tips and Tricks Google Slides 1 : Introduction, How to use Google Slides Google Slide 2 : 10 Tips and Tricks Google Sheets 1 : Introduction, How to use Google Sheets Google Sheets 2 : More Functionality Google Forms : How to use Google Forms Google Drawings : How to use Google Drawings and Logo Creation Example Google Jamboard 1 : Introduction Google Jamboard 2 : Interface, How does Jamboard works Google MyMaps 1 : Google Map vs Google My Maps Google MyMaps 2 : Google My Map Explanation with Tour Planning Google Classroom 1 : Introduction Google Classroom 2 : How to use Google Classroom Google Sites : How to create professional website for free using Google Sites.
Other Integrated Applications
Other Integrated Applications : Introduction Google Calendar 1: Introduction Google Calendar 2: How to Create Event Google Calendar 3: How to Add New Calendar Google Calendar 4 : How to Add Google Tasks to Google Calendar Google Calendar 5 : Settings Google Calendar 6 : General Settings Google Calendar 7: Search Feature Google Keep Google Tasks


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The Complete Google Drive Course - Mastering Google Drive

Use Google Drive for Maximum Productivity - You Can Become the Master of Google Suite - Enhance Your Office Efficiency
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